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DOXA is a ministry of Youth Unlimited (TYFC) in Scarborough. Youth Unlimited is a Christian-faith based organization
committed to helping teens from all walks of life. We are dedicated to journey with young people regardless of their circumstances or background, to hear their stories, and to be a conduit to share the story of God.

The vision of Doxa is “to pursue kingdom partnerships with local churches in which we call young people to center their lives within the mission and message of Jesus.” At present, DOXA has six staff (Calvin Russell, Melissa Morrissey, Jeff Smyth, Lester Salangsang, Charlene Boreland and Miranda Myers) with two interns (Sarah Burton and Joel Fung) and our desire is to continue to add personnel so we can further expand our three areas of focus:

DOXA Gatherings Through collaboration and partnerships with local churches and youth ministries, our desire is to provide monthly youth gatherings that are engaging, interactive and challenging.

DOXA Journeys
YOUTH FROM LOCAL CHURCHES Partnering with youth from our Doxa gatherings who want to be involved in a 6-8 month discipleship process in which they are challenged to serve locally and globally.

YOUTH FROM LOCAL HIGH SCHOOLS Partnering with a few Scarborough high schools to lead and facilitate an overseas service project for youth of all backgrounds and faiths. We focus on issues like poverty, justice and homelessness both at home and abroad. Our desire is to create awareness of world issues and for teens to discover how they can make a positive difference in the world.

DOXA Community The teens involved in DOXA come from diverse-ethnic, social, economic and spiritual backgrounds. While some of these young people have stable and healthy support systems, many are at-risk and are often marginalized. Our hope is to provide coaching and mentorship to youth groups, youth leaders, and youth from the Scarborough area.


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