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Hi guys this week we are diving a little deeper into Isaiah 40 with Alain. I hope you enjoy our new DOXA Devo series this year. And stay tuned for more to come in the following weeks.

Week One

This week Sue walks us through what are somethings we should look for when reading the word, specifically God's promises. Have your note book and pen ready sit back and enjoy DOXA Devo week 2.

Week Two

This week we are discussing the idea of remembrance, not only with Remembrance Day but also what the Bible talks about remembrance. Calvin walks us through what a day of remembrance means in the word and in life.

Week Three

Week Four

This weeks video is a little bit longer than usual as Hue shares with us how and why we should read our Bibles daily. Hue give some practical tips to start developing a daily devotional life.

Week Five

This weeks Charlene takes us through the word and how God is with us always no matter the circumstances around us.

This weeks Sarah takes a through the theme of hope, how God gives us hope in various seasons of our lives. We hope that this series has been encouraging to you throughout 2020. And we look forward to continuing this series in the new year.

Week Six

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